Ellie and Mabel are Montana kitties. Darr

and I traveled to my parent’s ranch on a mission to select a kitten, but four - yes, four! - of my mom’s cats had litters so we were greeted by approximately twenty kittens to choose from. I would have taken them all home if (1) Darr would have let me, and (b) the prospect of cleaning the cat boxes required when housing all of those cats wasn’t so unappealing. Ellie exhibited all desired cat traits. Mabel was the runt of all litters. We took them both.

When our friends started having kids and we started receiving invites to parties for said kids, we were jealous. With no kids of our own, we couldn’t think of a reason to throw a party and then it hit us - we have cats. And so the Cat Party was born. Look for the Cat Party invites to drop later this year.


Cat Pics

Ellie MacPherson

Life Before 2007

Mabel McMabelson

Life Before 2007

Top 7 Cat Activities

  1. 1.Sleep

  2. 2.Eat

  3. 3.Play

  4. 4.Bother the humans

  5. 5.Drink

  6. 6.Steal the dog’s bed

  7. 7.Use the litter box

Cool Cat Stuff

  1. Wooley Bully Naturals

  2. Catchables

  3. FasTags Pet ID

  4. Organix Organic Cat Treats